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Is the industry-standard Tcl distribution of ActiveTcl


"ActiveTcl industry-standard Tcl distribution," he
dovnload.co.uk Editor: ActiveTcl industry-standard Tcl distribution, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX is for. Developers around the world rely on ActiveTcl's completeness and easy use, while corporate users protect their infrastructure and stay competitive with quality to assured ActiveTcl business solutions.

A new version of Tcl 8.6 Tcl language is currently in beta, version of this publication is compatible with existing 8.x line. Many new features, with many more changes were introduced. In addition, a set of kernel extension has been extended.

Core OO system
choose between many Tcl extensions year after the object, one finally been blessed and integrated core. Tcl was designed with the natural flexibility should not be forgotten.
A new non-iterative Tcl 8.6 bytecode engine (aka) are stackless. This (sometimes referred to as generators) many new features, provide important coroutines.
Core zlib support
Tcl now with zlib compression, stream-based compression and other functions for permission.
-PNG image format
GIF and PNG image format available Tk 8.6 PPM additional () adds support for. This common format for symbols and images easier to create great-looking Tk applications easier.
-TTK:: spinbox Widget
A themed widget Tk 8.6 spinbox version, compatible with the classic version 8.6 adds the Tcl core, but adapted widget theming engine.
-Tcl Database Connectivity (TDBC)
Among many new extensions, ships, TDBC stands out. This is more portable and reliable database for databases and links to Tcl is an interface standard. you can free download now ActiveTcl 8.60 Construction 289,036.

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